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, & Farsi Styles

PA600QT Middle Eastern Original Set
by Lamios Music

Korg PA600 / Korg PA900 / Korg PA3X Arabic (MG), Turkish (TR), & Farsi (IR) Styles & Sounds which include: 85 Styles, 81 Performances, 110 Sounds, & 36 Drum Kits

67% SALE!
NOW $39.95
Worldwide within one business day after payment.
We deliver the package as a ZIP FILE sent to your email as a DOWNLOAD LINK. The package includes the SET of STYLES, PERFORMANCES, SOUNDS, & DRUM KITS with INSTRUCTIONS how to install all the banks. The password will be provided within the email body.
This is the original additional Arabic (MG), Turkish (TR), & Farsi (IR) SET that comes with Korg PA600QT Arranger Keyboards which includes 85 Styles, 81 Performances, 110 Sounds, & 36 Drum Kits. These additional Sound and Style data in the User area, are intended to show the power of this instrument and its use in Middle Eastern music. If you own Korg PA600, PA900, or PA3X and wish to use the Korg PA600QT additional set, then you can use this set in these keyboards. All styles are optimized to play with KORG PA600 / KORG PA900 / KORG PA3X. Each style is carefully designed by Korg to make you hear the best out of your Keyboard and to experience the superior abilities that can be produced by your machine for the first time.
We guarantee that our products are of top quality and our main object is to deliver the best customer satisfaction.
About Us:
We are one of the best music content providers who have a High-Tec musical studio. The recording arts and technology program used in our studio offers unparalleled resources for recording and performing high quality music contents.
List of Styles (85 Styles):
User 1
Saide 1 MG
Saide 2 MG
Saide Modern MG
Laff MG
Katakufti MG
Katakufti Mod.MG
Chaabi Laff MG
Maksum MG
Maksum Sari MG
Wehda MG
Shaftatelli MG
Gipsy MG
Baladi MG
Hajaa MG
Ayoub MG
Fox MG
Zaffa MG
Soudasi MG
Waltz 3/4 MG
Tecno Or. MG
Adani MG
Jerk MG
SumaaiThakeel MG
Rumba MG
Masmoudi MG
Slow Or. MG
Slow Rock Or. MG
Mix 1 MG
Mix 2 MG
Mix 3 MG
Mix 4 MG
Lunatic IR
Bastaki IR
Bandari IR
Kordi IR
Afghani IR
4Variation 1 IR
4Variation 2 IR
User 2
Romba 1 MG
Romba 2 MG
Khbety MG
M3alaya MG
Emaraty 1 MG
Emaraty 2 MG
Rai MG
Fazzani MG
Mroba3 MG
Hewa MG
Choby MG
Jorgina MG
Janobi MG
Bandary MG
Rai cha3by MG
Moroco style MG
Moroco sha3by1MG
Moroco sha3by2MG
Diziri MG
Alleji MG
Wahrany MG
Batyhi MG
Rube3 MG
Naggazy MG
User 3
3/4 Slow TR
Sebare TR
2/4 Oyun 1 TR
2/4 Oyun 2 TR
2/4-4/4 TR
Pop 1 TR
Pop 2 TR
Pop 3 TR
Ciftetelli TR
Oryantal4/4 1 TR
Oryantal4/4 2 TR
9/8 1 TR
9/8 2 TR
9/8 3 TR
9/8 Tsm TR
Darbuka Solo TR
Turku 2/4 TR
Turku 7/8 TR
Turku 5/8 TR
Tekno Halay TR
List of Performances (81 Performances):
Bank: Organ
Acc Leb 1 MG
Acc Leb 2 MG
Acc Leb 3 MG
Acc Leb 4 MG
Acc Leb 5 MG
Accordion IR
Accordion TR
Accrd Eg MG
Old Vibes Ar MG
Bank: Guitar
Kanoun MG
Kanun Mix 1&2 TR
Kanoun Trem 1 MG
Kanoun Trem 2 MG
Aoud + Kanoun MG
Aoud MG
Aoud Tremolo MG
Barbat IR
Tar IR
Elec Tar IR
Elektro Tek TR
Elektro Bam TR
Elektro Duz 1 TR
Elektro Duz 2 TR
Elektro Duz 3 TR
Bouzoq 1 MG
Bouzoq 2 MG
Baglama Kisa TR
Bank: Strings
Grup Yayli 1 TR
Grup Yayli 2 TR
YaylilarSert1 TR
YaylilarSert2 TR
Keman TR
Keman Solo TR
Kaman MG
Rababa MG
Orchestra Ar MG
Strings Ar MG
Tarabiyat Ar MG
Watariyat MG
Pizzicato TR
Bank: Sax & Woodwind
Nay MG
Nay Poly 1 MG
Nay Poly 2 MG
Nay Anban IR
Kawala MG
Kawala TR
Kawala Mix MG
Ferrayra MG
Sax 1 Or MG
Sax 2 Or MG
T3 Sax Or MG
Khaligy MG
Mizmar 1 MG
Mizmar 2 MG
Migwiz 1 MG
Migwiz 2 MG
Clarinet 1 Or MG
Clarinet 2 Or MG
Klarnet (CE) TR
Mey Do Bass TR
Mijwijz Trdn MG
Mijwiz Klj MG
Sorna IR
M3 Zurna TR
Bank: Synth & Fx
S-O-L-O 1 MG
S-O-L-O 2 MG
S-O-L-O 3 MG
Solo Synth Or MG
Solo Square MG
Solo Saw MG
Soft Lead IR
Octo Lead IR
Screamer IR
Filter IR
Synth Saw IR
Bacteric TR
Virutic TR
Fantasy Ar MG
List of Sounds (110 Sounds):
Bandary loop MG
Rumba loop MG
M3allaya loop MG
Tunsi loop 1 MG
Tunsi loop 2 MG
Tunsi loop 3 MG
Nay 1 MG
Nay 1 Poly MG
Kanoun 1 MG
Kanoun+Tremol MG
Aoud MG
Kawala MG
Nay 2 Poly MG
Mizwij 1 MG
Mizwij 2 MG
Bouzok 1 MG
Oud + Tremolo MG
Bouzok 2 MG
Kanoun 2 MG
Kanoun 2+Trem MG
Kassab MG
Mizmar 1 MG
Mizmar 2 MG
MizmarTrill1 MG
Rababa MG
Orchestra Or MG
Strings Or MG
Accordeon1 Or MG
Accordeon2 Or MG
Accordeon3 Or MG
Ferrayra MG
Solo 1 F. MG
Solo 2 F. MG
Clarinet 1 F. MG
Clarinet 2 F. MG
Sax Or 1 F. MG
Sax Or 2 F. MG
T3 Sax F. MG
Khaliji F. MG
Trumpet F. MG
Solo 3 F. MG
Evibes F. MG
Solo 4 F. MG
Saw F. MG
Hanoun F. MG
Phaser F. MG
Live Kaman F. MG
Kawala Fadi. MG
Old Vibbes F. MG
Strings Arab. MG
Brass MG
Arabic Organ MG
Dyn. Brass F. MG
Octave Piano MG
F-FunkyWah RX MG MG
MizmarTrill2 MG
Kamanjet Lb MG
Inter Org. MG
Solo Synth MG
Tar IR
ElectronicTar IR
NayAnban IR
Sorna IR
Barbat IR
Filter Std Ac IR
Filter Ac Dn IR
ElectroTrance IR
Elec.TranceDn IR
Electro Dance
Elec.Dance Dn IR
SynthSawLead IR
Saw Lead IR
Screamer IR
Screamer Dn IR
Soft Lead IR
Soft Lead Dn IR
Stereo Flat IR
Wave Lead IR
BassSoftLead IR
Elektro TR
Kaval TR
Zurna La3HizliTR
Kanun TR
Mey Do TR
Ak. Baglama TR
Elektro 1 Duz TR
Keman TR
Klarnet 3 “TR”
Ud& Kanun TR
Ud& Kanun& KemanTR
Caval&Baglama TR
M3 zurna TR
Groove IR
Reng Pltfrm IR
Groove Kit 1 IR
Groove Kit 2 IR
DT1 Groove IR
DT2 Groove IR
BandariPltfrm IR
List of Drum Kits (36 Drum Kits):
Or. Kit 1 MG
Or. Kit 2 MG
Or. Kit 3 MG
Or. Kit 4 MG
Or. Kit 5 MG
Or. Kit 6 MG
Or. Kit 7 MG
Or. Kit 8 MG
Marocco Kit 1 MG
Marocco Kit 2 MG
Marocco Kit 3 MG
Marocco Kit 4 MG
Marocco Kit 5 MG
Marocco Kit 6 MG
Marocco Kit 7 MG
Marocco Kit 8 MG
Drumkit 1 IR
Drumkit 2 IR
Drumkit 3 IR
Drum Kit TR
Perkusyon 1 TR
Perkusyon 2 TR
Pop Drum Kit TR
Perkusyon 3 TR
(CE) Kit TR
Iraqy Kit 1 MG
Iraqy Kit 2 MG
Iraqy Kit 3 MG
Iraqy Kit 4 MG
Iraqy Kit 5 MG
Iraqy Kit 6 MG
Khaligy Kit MG
Tunis Loops MG
Tunis Kit 1 MG
Tunis Kit 2 MG
Tunis Kit 3 MG

PA600QT Middle Eastern Original Set for Korg PA600, PA900, PA3X. Arabic, Turkish

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