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Korg PA300 / Korg PA600 / Korg PA600QT / Korg PA900 / Korg PA3X / Korg PA3XLE / Korg PA700 / Korg PA1000 / Korg PA4X.


The STY FILE includes one high quality style with 4 STS sounds performed by top ranked musicians, optimized to play with KORG PA300 / KORG PA600 / KORG PA600QT / KORG PA900 / KORG PA3X / KORG PA3XLE / KORG PA4X. This Style is composed using factory samples only, so there are no problems loading anywhere nor combining user data. This style is carefully designed to make you hear the best out of your Keyboard and to experience the superior abilities that can be produced by your Korg PA Keyboard.


Video Preview:

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Detailed Product Information:




IMMEDIATE & AUTOMATED delivery after payment. Redirected AUTOMATICALLY after payment to a SPECIAL & SECURE DOWNLOAD AREA containing UNIQUE DOWNLOAD LINKS to all purchased products. Specific EMAIL for every purchased product delivered IMMEDIATELY & AUTOMATICALLY to your inbox containing the DOWNLOAD LINK WITH CLEAR INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. Downloaded as ZIP FILE which includes the STY FILE that contains this Style, plus PDF FILE with instructions that explain how to load this style in your Korg Pa Keyboard.



We guarantee that our products are of top quality and our main object is to deliver the best customer satisfaction.


About Us:

We are one of the best music content providers who have a High-Tec musical studio. The recording arts and technology program used in our studio offers unparalleled resources for recording and performing high quality music contents.

Korg Style Pitbull I Know You Want Me

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