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What´s inside a Korg Pa SET file?

In Global folder 1, you can load the microphone effects, you can load the korg equalizing settings and line out settings or both if you choose to load the entire Global folder.

Multismp folder 4: When you save a sound, the information, ”keymap” to these multisamples, is stored in this folder.

Pad folder 6: In this folder the User pads are stored. User pads can be made with internal korg sounds, with new sounds or wav loops sliced into small sounds.

PCM 8: When you load a new sample sound, on pa600, pa2x, pa3x, your korg keyboard will store this new information (wav) into multi PCM files. You can’t view or edit which sounds are stored inside this folder, the shortcut to the RAM sounds will be stored in the folder Sound 12, the sounds should be loaded there but if the pcm 8 folder is missing or corrupted, the ram sounds can't be loaded.

Perform bank 9: Here are stored all the user performance banks (styles and sound settings).

Songbook folder 11: Song book is a more complete performance bank, you can save lyrics, make your own performance lists and other settings that can't be found in the performance bank.

Sound 12: Here you can find your user sound names and user drum kits (userdk). When you open the set file and load one sound from here, the korg will look for the sound samples and load them automatically.

Style 13: Here you can find your favorite bank styles and user styles, remember that if you load a style directly from this folder, only the Korg ROM sounds will be loaded when you play the style. If that style was built with Ram sounds, you must identify which are they and load them from Sound 12 folder one by one.

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