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Korg Styles Installation Guide. How to install Lamios Korg PA Styles.


1- When you purchase one of our packages, we will send you an email containing a download link, with instructions how to download the purchased package. So, first of all, login to your email and open our email message sent by Lamios Music. You will find a download link with instructions.

2- Read all the instructions within the email body, then click on the available link and download your package.

3- Save your downloaded package (zip file) on your Desktop.

4- Unzip the package on your desktop using FREE WinZip software.

5- Open the INSTRUCTIONS file and read it carefully.

6- Open the SET folder to see its contents.

7- Bring your USB stick and attach it to your PC.

8- Copy the unpacked SET folder and paste it on your USB stick.

9- Remove your USB stick from your PC.

10- Attach your USB stick which contains the unpacked folder to your Korg PA keyboard and wait until all messages disappears from the keyboard screen.

11- Press on MEDIA button on your keyboard.

12- Press on the DISK button within the screen of your keyboard and choose USB.

13- From the keyboard's screen press on the package's name then press Load then Yes.

14- Press on EXIT button on your keyboard.

15- Press on STYLE button on your keyboard then press on Fav/User within your keyboard's screen and choose your desired style.

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