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Korg PA Styles

Adding single Korg PA Styles to create your special Korg PA Set is a great way to customize your SET to contain only the needed Korg PA Styles which you like.

In order to start creating your custom Korg PA Set, please select one or more Korg PA Styles from the below list after hearing the mp3 demo for each style. If you like a style, simply add it to the cart and repeat this process as much as you want until you reach the number of styles needed. When you finish adding styles, go to checkout to complete your order. After that all your selected Korg PA Styles will be sent as STY file directly to your email within 24 hours.

Please note that all our Korg PA Styles are composed using factory samples only, so there are no problems loading anywhere nor combining user data. Each style is carefully designed to make you hear the best out of your Keyboard and to experience the superior abilities that can be produced by your Korg PA Keyboard.

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