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Free Korg PA Styles

This is a FREE SET of Korg Styles for your evaluation and to get familiar with the installation procedure before you decide to purchase any of our valuable sets. This Demo Set contains 6 fully functional high quality styles within Favorite01 Bank. The list of styles are as follows: Slow Fox 3 / Happy Waltz / Mod. Oberkrain / March Fox 2 / Little Waltz / German March.

Free Korg PA Styles

This is a FREE set of 6 high quality styles to download and test in your keyboard. When you click the link, you will be redirected to the download area. The installation instructions found here are the same used when you purchase any of our products.


Installation instructions: When you download the file, do the following: 1- Double click the downloaded zip file "" to unpack its contents. 2- When unpacked, copy the resulted folder "LAMIOS_DEMO.SET" and paste it on a USB stick. 3- Insert the USB stick in your keyboard. 4- Press on MEDIA button on your keyboard. 5- Select the LOAD tab on the screen. 6- Choose the USB and browse to "LAMIOS_DEMO.SET" folder. 7- Press LOAD on the screen then YES and you are done with the set installation. Please read the INSTRUCTIONS.TXT file carefully which is included within the downloaded package before installing your new set. Also you can watch our video "How to install Lamios Korg PA Styles":

Posted April 1, 2014 at 5:55 PM

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